This form is to be used by the Area Agency on Aging to report a change in representation of the PSA to TACC: Record Change

PSA Reports

This is a template for guidance in preparing PSA reports to be presented at TACC meetings.

Travel Expense

The travel expense form is provided as an Excel spread sheet (.xls) may be down loaded and either printed or filled out and then printed.

The Hotel/Motel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver is accepted by some establishments to permit waiver of the occupancy tax because you are on state business.

If you use a personal vehicle for reimbursed travel, you must fill out form Std. 261, Authorization to Use Privately-Owned Vehicles on State Business, with the California Commission on Aging every year.  The link loads the pdf version of the form.  You can fill in parts of the form online: the first three lines of the form with fill-in blanks (except for the two signature blocks), and then print it.  Note that the form has less than " margin at the bottom, and the last line will be cut off; the result is acceptable.