Interesting Information

The California Department of Transportation convened a Mobility Summit on March 7, 2005.  Here is a draft of the Proceedings of that conference:
    Appendix A—Acknowledgements
    Appendix B—Speakers’ Biographical Sketches
    Appendix C— Overview - CA Strategic Plan for an Aging Population
    Appendix D— Overview - Strategic Plan, Transportation Element
    Appendix E—Working Together in Washington State - Paula Hammond Presentation
    Appendix F—WA DOT Agency Council on Coordinated Transportation 03-05 Budget [Not available yet]
    Appendix G—FTA Section 5310 Program [Not available yet]

Consequent to the passage of SB 910 (Vasconcellos) in 1999, a Strategic Plan for an Aging California Population - Getting California Ready for the Baby Boomers was created - also known as the Long Range Strategic Plan on Aging, or LRSPA.  Here's more!

In November, 2004, TACC met in conjunction with the California Association of Area Agencies on Aging, and enjoyed a presentation by Joyce Fukui, Deputy Director of the California Department of Aging.  Ms. Fukui provided two interesting documents:

Neither of these documents is attributed, and both are suggestions for consideration, and in no way requirements.