The Area Agency on Aging Council of California

TACC is supported through Code 400 on your 540 or 540A State Tax return!

TACC (California Seniors Special Fund) is still at the top of the list!

Effective January 1, 2006, state law (AB 1234) requires (among other things) that local officials that receive compensation, salary, stipends, or expense reimbursements must receive training in public service ethics laws and principles every two years. The requirement applies not only to the governing body of a local agency, but also commissions, committees, boards, or other local agency bodies, whether permanent or temporary, decision-making or advisory.

Additional information is available on the web site of California's Fair Political Practices Commission.  This page includes a link (near the bottom) that will take you to an online training course that you can take in the comfort of your own home - about two hours!

The mission of TACC is to promote communication and collaboration among local advisory councils, and key state partners:

        Educate through the exchange of information, ideas, trends, and models of service delivery,

        Advocate on issues of concern in local/state planning processes,

        Strengthen the effectiveness of local advisory councils.

The Area Agency on Aging Council of California, also known as the Triple-A Council of California or TACC, represents the 33 Area Agencies on Aging Advisory Councils.

Funding for TACC is provided through California state tax return check-off as well as through the California Foundation on Aging.  Here's more information!

TACC Brochure

Triple-A Council of California
1300 National Drive, Suite 173
Sacramento, CA  95834
fax 916-419-7596